Who can possibly fathom the precise alchemic mystery of an idea forming. Certainly not us. There was nothing, then suddenly, from the darkness, the essence of il gatto goffo surged forth.

We - a clumsy Italian woman with an insatiable sweet tooth, and a wannabe-Stoic British man with a love of swearing - had recently met. Sat across a table in the canteen of a financial behemoth we spoke of a desire to fill our lives with creativity, self-determination, responsibility and meaning.

The world opens up in the face of positive belief and action. A kind of force is generated that has no regard for self-doubt, perceived limitations or obstacles, possessing only a single-minded desire to realise itself as fully as possible. 

Harnessing fierce Italian passion and good old British dependability we strive (while trying to keep the kitchen bickering to a minimum) to create products that ignite your senses, bring you joy, inspire your belief and above all are worthy of sharing with the people you care about (not just your alter-ego).

oUR Phil0sophy

The smell of roasted nuts, buttery pastry, rich chocolate; clattering of pans, chopping, crushing, bubbling and boiling. Patiently stirring, caramelising over an open flame; balancing sweet with sour - and a dash of bitterness. Lemon zest, lime zest; a surprising crunch among rich smooth chocolate, sweet strawberries in Summer; a sprinkle of red against the white background. Experimenting, failing, persevering, elevating. Striving to create something that ignites the senses and transforms with every bite, able to stir emotions and bring people together, shining light on the dark, and transporting you through time to recall your most cherished memories: that is magic.